Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems


Understanding Your Car’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Your car’s tire pressure monitoring system, or TPMS, keeps tabs on each tire’s air pressure. When the air pressure drops below a predetermined level, a warning light on your car’s dashboard will illuminate. When your car’s TPMS light is illuminated, it’s important to re-inflate the tire air pressure to an optimal level. We are your source for tire inflation services, and we’re ready to give your car’s tires the attention they need today.

Why Tire Pressure Matters

Tire air pressure may seem like a relatively trivial matter at first glance, but it impacts your car’s performance and its need for repairs. When tire pressure is low, your car’s gas mileage will decline. This is because the tires will create more friction with the road. In addition, inadequate tire pressure and performance can result in increased wear on the tires. This leads to the premature need to replace the tires. Repair issues in other areas of the vehicle could also develop.

Your Safety on the Road

Proper tire inflation also impacts your ability to remain safe on the road. Poorly inflated tires impact the vehicle’s slowing and stopping times. They also affect traction and handling. These factors can make it much more difficult to have a safe driving experience in all road and weather conditions. Keep in mind that air pressure will slowly decline further as you drive. This means that the ability to drive safely, vehicle handling, wear and tear, and other factors will increasingly decline until you re-inflate the tires. It also means that scheduling periodic tire pressure services throughout the year is important.

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Is your vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system’s light on? Have you noticed a decline in your car’s performance or fuel economy? You can’t take chances with something as important as tire pressure. Our team is committed to keeping you safe on the road and your vehicle running properly. To schedule TPMS service near you, contact our team today for an appointment.

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