Your vehicle’s drivetrain serves an essential role in your daily driving experience. It is a complex auto component that transfers the power generated by the engine to the wheels. This part runs from the transmission to both axles, so it is a large auto part. At our service center, our experienced mechanics near you offer maintenance and repair services for drivetrains in most types of vehicles.

Signs of a Drivetrain Problem

You can prevent many types of drivetrain issues with regular differential maintenance service. This service involves removing old oil from inside the differential, resealing the case and replenishing the fluid. While maintenance can prevent some problems, it does not guarantee that no issues will develop. You may become aware of a potential issue if you hear a clunking sound when driving or if there are unusual noises when the neutral gear is engaged. You may also notice a burning smell or grinding gears while driving. Other signs include leaking fluid, an illuminated check engine light and minimal or no response when changing gears.

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Because the drivetrain is such an essential and complex piece of machinery in your vehicle, you cannot let an unskilled mechanic work on it. At our trusted auto service shop, our entire team of mechanics is thoroughly experienced and trained. Each technician is also dedicated to doing a great job for each of our clients. With our fully-equipped service bays, you can count on us to complete all automotive services correctly and promptly on the first visit.

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As your drivetrain begins to fail, the damage may increase significantly if you continue driving. The best time to schedule a drivetrain inspection and repair service is as soon as you are concerned about a possible problem. This will help you to remain safer on the road, and it could keep repair costs to a minimum. Our mechanics near you are ready to give your car the full attention that it requires, so schedule your next auto service with us today.

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